The Rail System at Work

The Eastern Rail System offers health care professionals advantages in theĀ useĀ of critical care equipment. It gives nursing personnel a simple and reliable way to mount critical care and support equipment near the patient, yet off the floor.

Our system helps prevent breakage of expensive equipment. You'll experience reduced down time and less backup equipment. Having weight removed from the gas outlets reduces the risk of leaks and costly repairs.

The wall rail, when mounted to soundly constructed walls at conventional stud spacing of 16 inches, will support up to 150 Kg. per meter run 100 lb. per foot run or up to 65 Kg. (143 lb.) at any point. Eastern Rail clamps and accessories fit most competitive rail systems.

Each wall installation requires three (3) Mounting kits per 1-meter length of wall rail. Two types of mounting kits are available, #8002 Basic and #8003 Universal.

8000 Standard Rail

Standard Rail is 8 ft. in length and can be custom-cut to your exact length specifications at no additional cost. The cost is based on your actual order length, rounded up to the nearest foot length.

8012 Heavy-Duty Rail

Heavy-Duty Rail provides an alternative to standard rail. Heavy-duty rail can be used to span windows or other open spaces. It can also be used to mount numerous heavy items. Heavy-Duty Rail is custom cut to your specifications and includes a decorative color laminate. Mounting to walls requires #8003 Universal Mounting Kits. Mounting Kits and Plastic End Caps (#8007) are sold separately.